All about Wynwood – Part 2: the galleries

The murals are perhaps the most outspoken, grand and not to miss art in Wynwood, but don’t forget to visit the – sometimes very well hidden – galleries, there are over 70 of them! There is the curated pop art gallery in the Wynwood Walls area, The Margulies Collection, Eleazar Delgado Studio, Pan American Projects – I went to a bunch & wanted to particulary highlight one of my favorites; The Rubell Family Collection. Scroll down to see and read more about it!

3 images below: pop art in the gallery at the end of the Wynwood Walls walk.

Rubell Family Collection – located in a huge warehouse (cool fact: it once was a DEA confiscated goods facility) and privately owned by the Rubell family, is a worthwhile art collection to see. The fact that it is owned just by one family is remarkable to me (ok, another cool fact: Donald Rubell was the brother of Steve Rubell, who was the co-founder and co-owner of Studio54), as well as the exposition which took place when I visited (& still to see until August 25th). The current exposition is ”Still Human” which I experienced as really interesting, but actually also pretty disturbing – it showcases how technology is reshaping our behaviour.

One of the unsettling art works is a suited woman packed in a see trough garbage bag – her job is all the woman was, it defined her. Without it – she’s simply trash. A sad showcase of the impact of automation on the work force. The piece is called ”Thank you for your service”.

On the right: A painting by Allison Zuckerman, an other expo at the Rubells’ (”Stranger in Paradise”).

The installation which packs an even harder punch is called ‘Untitled’ (top picture on the right) You see a girl holding herself up by her chin, hanging couple of inches above the ground. It seems like she’s sleeping, but then every couple seconds the fingers of her non bionic arm move (creepy!) On her back she is attached to a battery pack, she’s charging like an Ipad or Iphone . The most scary part though, is to see how my friend almost organically fits in into the whole scenery, doesn’t it look like she’s a part of it?!

”Still Human” leaves you a bit pessimistic about our technology mediated future & gives you a lot to think about, if you get the chance, def go and check it out, it is so worth it!

The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse.

Rubell Family Collection – Life sized ”Barbie” doll transformed into a nutcracker. There are actual walnuts at the gallery for visitors to crack.

The Rubells are known for givig a platform and being a fairy godparent for many young artists and women artists.

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    This is all so beautiful! The business woman in the bag is 100% truth for so many

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