All about Wynwood – part 1: The Murals

Wynwood is my one of, if not the most favourite spot in Miami, it is such an inspiring, colourful & fun place to wander around. It feels like an outdoor art exhibit, there is art everywhere you look, even on the sidewalk you walk on.

There is a ton to see, eat, drink & explore in the always evolving Wynwood. As my love for this urban art hub is BIG, I decided to dedicate 4 blog posts to it, as 1 is just not enough to cover all the things I would love to share with you. So, let’s get started with part 1; the murals.

Just a quick intro about Wynwood; In the past Wynwood was a warehouse district – not a very appealing place to visit or walk around to say the least. In just couple of years it has totally transformed into a street art district, not only packed with art, but also restaurants, shops, galleries & creative companies.

The best way to explore Wynwood and see all the murals, is by foot – Wynwood is easily walkable (although growing fast, so that might change in the near future). There is an art walk where you can check out the work from some serious international artists, but actually you see the street art everywhere you go; on restaurant-, shop- and gallery walls, which is exactly what makes Wynwood such a fun place to walk around.

The other great thing is that the murals are in a state of frequent flux, which makes Wynwood ever changing and evolving and therefore never boring. Be sure though, to photograph your favourite ones, as by your next visit they might be gone!

Below a lil’ glimpse of all the Wynwood gems.

On the right one of my personal favorites; ”Lilith” by Alexis Diaz

There are lots of creatives, artists & innovators working in Wynwood, the neighborhood is lively pretty much every day of the week.


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