All about Wynwood – part 1: The Murals

Wynwood is my one of, if not the most favourite spot in Miami, it is such an inspiring, colourful & fun place to wander around. It feels like an outdoor art exhibit, there is art everywhere you look, even on the sidewalk you walk on.

There is a ton to see, eat, drink & explore in the always evolving Wynwood. As my love for this urban art hub is BIG, I decided to dedicate 4 blog posts to it, as 1 is just not enough to cover all the things I would love to share with you. So, let’s get started with part 1; the murals.

Just a quick intro about Wynwood; In the past Wynwood was a warehouse district – not a very appealing place to visit or walk around to say the least. In just couple of years it has totally transformed into a street art district, not only packed with art, but also restaurants, shops, galleries & creative companies.

The best way to explore Wynwood and see all the murals, is by foot – Wynwood is easily walkable (although growing fast, so that might change in the near future). There is an art walk where you can check out the work from some serious international artists, but actually you see the street art everywhere you go; on restaurant-, shop- and gallery walls, which is exactly what makes Wynwood such a fun place to walk around.

The other great thing is that the murals are in a state of frequent flux, which makes Wynwood ever changing and evolving and therefore never boring. Be sure though, to photograph your favourite ones, as by your next visit they might be gone!

Below a lil’ glimpse of all the Wynwood gems.

On the right one of my personal favorites; ”Lilith” by Alexis Diaz

There are lots of creatives, artists & innovators working in Wynwood, the neighborhood is lively pretty much every day of the week.


Beauty Featured

Haircare for the ones who tried it all


My hair has been through a lot – bleaching, extensions, sun exposure, dye, harsh styling products, hot styling tools – you name it, I’ve committed the crime 😉
Although it has been a fun ride to experience with different hairstyles, my hair wasn’t pleased at all –  it became dry and brittle and breakage was a fact.
I have been trying various products to save my hair with not much of an effect whatsoever, until I was introduced to this French Haircare line – Phyto –  at a beautiful hair salon & spa in Miami.
The Phyto line is a serious gem amongst hair products, I have never came across any other product range that has revived (and saved) my hair like Phyto.

I have been using the products over 2 months now & my hair feels so much less dry and is more easy to style, the most important for me though is the fact that my hair is growing back (after the extensions breakage) and my scalp feels really healthy and stimulated. I have also experienced a nice volume.

I love the fact that all of the Phyto products are purely botanical with no harsh chemicals which usually just make your hair condition get even worse. I am very excited to share my experience with Phyto with all of you who have been desperate like me to revive their over treated hair.

Scroll down to my next post to read about the products I have been using and how I use them.





My Phyto Regime

Below my Phyto regime I promised to share in my previous post – all the products I have been using and how I use them.

Phytodensia Shampoo
I wash my hair 2, max 3 times a week, so using this shampoo twice a week max (as I switch it up with the detox shampoo) I wash my hair twice, second time leaving the shampoo for couple minutes so it can work its magic on my scalp. The shampoo has softened my hair and gave it a nice dense volume which has been a bonus for my fine hair. The shampoo is very gentle and seems to have revitalized my hair after a two month use. 

Get the shampoo here

Phytodensia mask
I use the mask after the Phytodensia shampoo, I like this mask as it works rather fast, just after 2,3 minutes I rinse it out. My hair feels hydrated and sleek with nice volume.

Get the mask here

I use Phytopolleine once a week – if I have time as you need to let in work on your scalp for at least 20 minutes. Usually I would apply it to my scalp, go for a morning jog and wash my hair upon return, which works great 🙂 I massage the treatment in my scalp, the smell is an intense hammam aroma, very relaxing! I can feel the treatment doing its work on my scalp, if you have an unbalanced scalp like me (mine is very oily) this product is really great!

Get the treatment here

This is the shampoo I use after the scalp treatment, it promises to detoxify & purify hair and scalp and get rid of the product build -up  (I use a lot of dry shampoo and often hairspray). After the treatment and the shampoo my hair feels a little rough, so I would always suggest to use a conditioner after.

Get the shampoo here

I use this conditioner after the detox shampoo to soften and hydrate my hair. After using these 3 products (treatment, shampoo & conditioner) my hair feels feather light and my scalp fresh and super clean, I am really a big fan of this combo. Again – perfect when your hair get oily fast.

Get the conditioner here

Secret De Nuit
I have been using this product around 3 times a week, just on the lengths of my hair before hopping into bed. It says to regenerate the hair during the night and make it more strong, but what I have been experiencing is mainly easier to manage morning hair which is a big plus for my usually untamed hair!

Get the night cream here

The toughest of the regime for me as I always tend to forget to take my vitamins 😛
Went almost trough my first bottle by now and I have to say that my hair definitely feels thicker! I am not sire though if that’s because of the supplement or the Phyto products, I think it is the mix 🙂 The supplement promises to also harden nails, lengthen lashes and illuminate skin, but I think you need to go trough 2 bottles to truly see all the results.

Get the supplement here 







Featured Style

Colourful Wynwood

One of my favorite places in Miami; Wynwood.  Can’t get enough of the artsy Wynwood scenery, even the construction places are picture worthy in my eyes…  scroll trough to check out my look.

Wearing: Vans / Urban Outfitters Sunnies & Socks / Chloe Bag / Zara shorts / Chanel belt / Zara body






Yes, more pastels at the beach

In love with this pastel Beach Riott pants and tie top; perfect as set on the beach, but the pants combined with a summery top also make a great city-proof outfit.