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Meet me in the bathroom – how to keep your troublesome skin under control

As you all already know, my hair isn’t great – but on top of that I also haven’t been blessed with the clearest skin. I have been battling with breakouts, oiliness, blackheads, scarring, irritation & desperation as long as I can remember. I have tried so many different products and the moment I thought a product was helping and my skin started to clear up, I would get punished for these thoughts by a shiny, white, huge zit, mostly on some very visible place like middle of my cheek.

Today, I seriously don’t believe that there is any type of product or product line that will get you clear, perfect skin with tiny pores – perhaps I am being pessimistic, but I feel like I have tried it all (including drinking a disgusting Chinese tea – which I needed to brew myself at my house – using totally gross smelling herbs and twigs mixed with alcohol – it made the whole house smell so bad and I got so nauseous drinking it. But drinking I did, as I truly believed it would clear out all my blackheads and give me a perfect  skin – HA    HA. Right now I only can imagine how much fun the old Chinese lady must have had thinking of me going trough all this for absolutely NOTHING) so I can hands down say – nothing will give you a perfect looking skin if you weren’t born with it (or if you don’t have ridiculous amounts of money for doctors which I don’t).

What I can say is, that there are products you can use as well as tricks you can do in order to keep your skin more or less under control.

The products below I have been using for a while now and noted that when I do my daily regime with these products, my skin does look much better and I have less breakouts and blackheads. These products my dearests, I am advising you after years and years of product tries and fails, so let me save you some money and most valuably – lots of time, by listing them below for you.

As some of the products aren’t cheap, I listed budget options which work almost as good, the key is always in the ingredients and not in the brand name, never forget this when choosing products for your skin, hair or body.

I am also giving you some do and don’ts for troublesome skin, I promise these tricks will help!


Hydropeptide – Purifying Cleanser, Anti-wrinkle + clarify

Obviously it is very important to keep your skin clean and to take off your make up thoroughly every day, to avoid clogged pores as much as possible. Nr. 1 ingredient to unclog your pores is salicylic acid. I have been using this fasewash from Hydropeptide which has salicylic as well as mandolin acid which promote correction of imperfections as they exfoliate and clean pores deeply.
After using it,

I can feel that my skin is squeaky clean, but not over dried which is important – LOVE. Nice plus is that it has anti oxidants and soothing agents (anti aging), as well tea tree oil which clears out spots. The smell of the cleanser isn’t great, but it def does its work.

Get the face wash here ♥

Note for all Dutchies: If you would like any of the Hydropeptide products, give me a shout and I’ll hook you up with some nice discounts! 🙂

Basically all face cleansers with salicylic acid will work, just watch out for them not to be too harsh, I have listed some good ones below.
Philosophy – Clear days ahead
Body Merry – Glycoid Acid Exfoliating Cleanser
Misumi – Clear Skin Salicylic Cleanser



Acure – brightening vegetable peel 

I stopped using scrubs, as these irritate your skin and can cause even worse break outs.
Actually you want to treat your skin as gently as you can as harsh products and intensive scrubbing can irritate and inflame your skin. This is ideal playground for more breakouts, lowers the skin’s barrier function (again more breakouts as all the dirt can get deeper into your skin) and dries out your skin (aging!).
So I have been using this peeling which you simply apply on your cleansed skin, wait up to 8 minutes and rinse off including all your dead skin cells. I love it as it is 100% natural (made from kale and chlorella). I use it once or twice a week.
No need for scrubbing – scrubbing is basically scraping your skin – which is when you really think about it a pretty crazy thing to do to your face to start with.

Get the peeling here♥

(Btw, don’t you think my nails look good? I may have weak hair and troublesome skin, but my nails are great and I am so proud of them – all natural!)



Laboratoires Novexpert – La Creme peeling de nuit 

Once a week I use this overnight peeling (but using just one peeling is def more than enough, I just happen to have both these products at the same time). You just put it on instead of your serum and night cream and leave on overnight, washing it off in the morning. I particularly love this peeling as it contains vitamin c which visibly brightens your complexion. Oh and it smells divine! I love this brand as their products don’t contain any chemicals or preservatives and are almost 100% natural.

Get the peeling here ♥
*For Dutchies: you can get this peeling at Ici Paris.

Below couple more peelings which are GREAT:
Alpha Beta peeling pads – LOVE 
OroGold 24 Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling – $$$ but sooo goood



Recherche Biologique – Lotion P50 

I am in LOVE with this toner, it is my ride or die, I have been using it for a very long time now.

I apply the toner in the am and pm – the toner gently exfoliates, fortifies your skin so it can regenerate itself, it regulates the sebum secretion,  and helps to maintain your skin’s ph level and also hydrates your skin (if you skin gets dry it will produce more sebum, so more clogged pores as a result).
Active ingredients:

  • Lactic acid (exfoliates, anti wrinkle, anti acne)
  • Malic Acid (supports collagen production, restores skin vitality, suppleness and elasticity)
  • Vinegar (PH level control of the skin, helps your skin function optimally)
  • Magnesium Chloride (anti acne and anti wrinkle)
  • Salicylic Acid (deeply cleans pores)
  • Onion Extract (treats acne and heals scars)
  • Thyme leaf oil (antiseptic and kills infections)
  • Sulfur (exfoliates, anti acne)
  • And more, but I don’t want to bore you guys with too much info

TIP: After putting the toner on a cotton pad (actually gauze pads are better, they soak up more product and give amore even release) do not swipe it across your face (it will get red and tingle), but just pat gently on your face pressing and releasing the pad. I know this product seems intense (and it is!), but it is really effective and I would recommend it to anyone with any type of skin!

Get the toner here♥

Alternative:  I have never come across a toner which is as great as the P50, so I don’t have a product alternative. If you would need to choose just one product from this blog post, I would definitly recommend to get the P50, it’s my magic potion. Although if you tight on cash, do this:
As one of the magical effects of this toner is based on its acidity, you can make a similar version yourself using apple cider vinegar and water. Of course it will not have all the great ingredients of the P50 toner, but this is a great budget proof alternative which you can simply make at home and it is very effective as well! (mix 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts water). It will  improve your complexion and help your skin function optimally warding off bacteria.


Messy, but functional 😛



Hydropeptide – Spot Correction

I use this clearing spot treatment whenever things get bad locally, it helps to fight the bacteria and clears out the spots.
While using try to give yourself a break though – once I started with covering one red inflamed spot, I ended up smearing the solution all over my face  – this is NOT how you should use this product 😛

Get the spot corrector here♥



Hydropeptide – Redefining Serum
Fights spots, improves skin tone and has also anti aging agents – all I need from a serum. It also calms redness, is very light and absorbs super fast. Winner.

Get the serum here♥



Hydropeptide – Aquaboost
It is super important to keep your skin hydrated, I cannot repeat this enough. Dryness will cause only more blemishes which we want to avoid obviously. My personal fave is Aquaboost from Hydropetide as it has salicylic acid which cleans pores & Hyaluronic acid which is one of the most coveted moisturizing agents atm. It’s also is full of botanicals and antioxidants for you to keep that glowy young face 🙂
Oh and it smells like summer 🙂

Get the moisturizer here♥



Holland & Barret (de Tuinen)

This is so funny because actually my bf got me hooked on this (he uses it every day and he loves it). I use it when my skin gets pretty bad, as it beautifully heals your skin, disinfects it and makes it super smooth! Snake snail also consists lots of natural collagen which helps to keep your skin look youthful.  I usually put a thick layer on at night and wash it off in the morning.

Get the gel here (Dutchies) ♥
Similar – Organic Doctor Snail Gel ♥



Holland & Barret (De Tuinen) 

Total ambassador for this mask, it:

  • Cleans super deep
  • Unclogs pores
  • Leaves your skin squeaky clean
  • Tightens
  • Makes your pores seem smaller
  • Freshes up tired skin
  • Is cheap 🙂

Get the mask here♥ 



Khiels – Calendula & Aloe Vera Soothing Hydratation Masque

I am actually a big fan of Khiels, I own a lot of their products, although for the problem skin, I get better results using other brands. For hydration though which is really important also for the acne prone skin, I love love love this mask. When I put it on  my skin literally drinks it up and feels super fresh after rising the remaining product off.
I use the mask on its own or after the green clay mask. It is also a perfect mask to use during or after flights or after spending a day in the sun.

Get the mask here

Alternative: Get an aloe vera plant or buy loose leaves at the grocery store, cut the leaves open en put the jelly like consistence on your face – works great and will also heal scarring.


Lancôme – Skin Feels Good

The best thing you could do for your skin is to keep it foundation free (we all know that that is pretty much to ask though) , as most foundations contain heavy metals which make your pores larger and your skin dull. Foundations may also cause breakouts as your pores can get clogged. It is very important to use a foundation which allows your skin to breathe and is not too heavy. I stumbled upon this Lancome foundation lately and I have to say that it is a great one – it is super light, feels very fresh and hydrating to my skin, does not clog pores and contains moringa seed extract (free radicals protection) & hyaluronic acid (locks in moisture and plumps). It gives a nice glow and let your skin shine trough.
I use it during day time and it is also perfect for summer holidays & hot days as it is super light. For evenings though I use a foundation with more coverage.

Get the foundation here ♥

Do’s and Don’ts to keep your skin drama free:

Try to clean your face as soon as you get home.
Touch your face after you have washed it! This sounds so ‘bla’, but seriously, just pay attention on how many times you touch your face without noticing! Each time you do this you’re creating a breeding ground for breakouts – STOP.

Use gentle products & moisturize
Scrub, use products with powerful antibacterial agents like benzoyl peroxide, harsh drying agents.

Get good facials, like one every 6 weeks if you can to professionally clean and exfoliate your skin and have extractions done. I love ultrasonic facials, where the beautician uses a device with high lever sound wave technology which penetrates deep below the surface of the skin promoting extractions, deep cleansing and also helps the skin to heal. I feel like this is the best way to get extractions done as no squeezing is needed!
This is so hard, cliché and annoying – I know – but try not to squeeze your face, you’re only making it worse (let the beautician do this for you, or if you don’t want to spend cash on a facial – steam first and then use paper napkins to squeeze and after disinfect and apply toner to close the pores, otherwise they will fill up with gunk again!).

Drink lots of water
Drink alcohol (HA, I know this will never be reality, so just pay attention to all the other do’s and don’ts)

Hope this was helpful to you guys! Also, if you did have found some holy grail product which gave you perfect clear skin with tiny micro pores, I am all ears, let me know!

NOTE: As already mentioned; if you are a Dutchie and you are interested in any of the Hydropeptide products and/or facials, please shoot me a message or e-mail (see contact page) or leave a comment and I will hook you up with some nice discounts 🙂

xo Monika

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