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Haircare for the ones who tried it all


My hair has been through a lot – bleaching, extensions, sun exposure, dye, harsh styling products, hot styling tools – you name it, I’ve committed the crime 😉
Although it has been a fun ride to experience with different hairstyles, my hair wasn’t pleased at all –  it became dry and brittle and breakage was a fact.
I have been trying various products to save my hair with not much of an effect whatsoever, until I was introduced to this French Haircare line – Phyto –  at a beautiful hair salon & spa in Miami.
The Phyto line is a serious gem amongst hair products, I have never came across any other product range that has revived (and saved) my hair like Phyto.

I have been using the products over 2 months now & my hair feels so much less dry and is more easy to style, the most important for me though is the fact that my hair is growing back (after the extensions breakage) and my scalp feels really healthy and stimulated. I have also experienced a nice volume.

I love the fact that all of the Phyto products are purely botanical with no harsh chemicals which usually just make your hair condition get even worse. I am very excited to share my experience with Phyto with all of you who have been desperate like me to revive their over treated hair.

Scroll down to my next post to read about the products I have been using and how I use them.




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